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Interior design can make us feel relaxed, happy, overwhelmed, comfortable or stressed. It is crucial to arrange the space in a way that brings joy and ease, both at home, but also in your FDomes. It is even more important if you want to make your guests feel delighted by your glamping interior. What are the do’s and don’ts of arranging the dome space?

Let’s start with some do’s.

Choose the Colours

The colours will tell a story of the glamping interior. Do not be afraid of matching variety of colours, fabrics and patterns. Start with light shades of the walls, like ecru or light grey insulation liner. They will be a background for your story. Spice it up with brave furniture and textiles. Avoid being too matchy. You want to create a coherent look. Use elements that complement each other and have something in common but are not the same. Go with the same fabrics but different colour. The same colour but in two different interior spaces. Be brave.

Keep the Interior Airy

Always take under consideration your FDomes size and arrange the furniture in a way to maintain space around each piece. Start your planning from the biggest pieces, like a bed, sofa and dining table.

Be Unique

First of all, always purchase the things you really like. And remember, details make a dome. Hand-crafted vase or decorative plate and a machine-cut industrial piece may be equally valuable depending on the interior style. Do not limit yourself, be open for what you really like and the style you want to offer your guests. Start with pillows of many sizes and shapes, in contrasting colours and fabrics. It is always a good start to build the glamping atmosphere.

Light It Up

Choose your light wisely. Remember that appropriate light evokes desired feel for the space. Adjust it to the geodome interior, adding a large floor lamp next to the armchair, nice hanging lamp over the dining table and intimate led lighting in a bathroom and bedroom. Play with the lamps’ colours and shapes, remember that they are also a part of the glamping interior design.

Follow us for tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of FDomes Glamping interior design. There are much more to come…

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