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Designed and fabricated by industry leaders.

F.Domes geodesic dome kits are designed and manufactured by leading global manufacturer and supplier of geodesic dome structures for temporary applications.

F.Domes is a simplified line of dome products for everyone looking to purchase basic and inexpensive structures. F.Domes still meet the highest quality standards and are produced from certified, european materials with expected life-span of 12 – 15 years.

Credibility of the Fdomes brand gives you a guarantee of safe and professional transaction, as well as our promise on delivering the best quality to price ratio among all geodesic dome manufacturers.

Our 7 years of experience in engineering and fabricating dome structures, over 350 installations worldwide and representations in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA and the Middle East has gained us invaluable insight into the world of geodesic domes.

World in a Sphere

In opposite to F.Domes kits, our permanent structures are designated mainly for professionals who expect high level of customisation and versatility from our domes.

Our products come in sizes ranging from 6m to 36m of diameter and can host up to 1.500 people, offering much wider choice of dome sizes, finishing options, membranes and framework types and vast amount of accessories.

The event domes are a perfect match for demanding clients who cannot compromise flexibility and who need professional project planning and project management services with complete logistics and installation services.

The event dome structures are available both for purchase and rental worldwide. Our offer also includes range of full projection domes, semi-permanent dome structures with full insulation, glass or composite covered domes, interior mezzanines, professional-grade A/C and heating systems and much more.