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About us

FDomes Glamping is a brand created from passion in 2016. However, our roots go back to 2008 when we launched Freedomes – World in a Sphere. Since then we have delivered hundreds of geodomes all around the world. We have cooperated, i.a. with Audi, Ford Mustang, Lady Gaga and we delivered our structures for Ridley Scott’s “The Martian”. Privately we love travelling, we feel the bond with nature and we always seek new places to discover. That is why we decided to launch a product which will combine our passions – FDomes Glamping.

Worldwide delivery

Complete FDome will be delivered to your chosen location by one of our logistics partners. All parts come secured in plywood boxes. Lead times vary depending of accessories choice and dome quantity, on avg. we ship most orders within 3 - 6 weeks.

Up to 5-Years Warranty

We take great care to offer the best quality structures, so every single component goes through meticulous quality control to leave our factory free of defects. In the unlikely event of product developing any fault due to defective workmanship or materials, we will fix or replace them free of charge.

Quick ROI

Return On Investment period varies depending on several factors but most of our customers report that they achieve complete ROI on their fully featured dome purchases within one busy season!
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Choose glamping size:
Glamping F20
Glamping F30
Glamping F40
Glamping F50
Glamping F75
FDome Glamping 40
An optimal dome size for creation of very comfortable yet intimate retreat. It’s a perfect size for an en-suite bedroom with plenty of living space and enough room for additional furnishings. Consider this dome size if you are thinking about creating an upscale experience for your guests.
≈37.5 m2 / 403.65 sq ft
≈6.91 m / 22.7 ft
≈4.15 m / 14.0 ft
Full specification
Glamp view
Dome Framework
Strong, reinforced, galvanised steel dome framework. Withstands the most violent weather conditions.
Panoramic Bay Window
Offers nearly 180° panoramic views, can be equipped with curtains
for extra privacy.
Air Circulation
Ventilation openings provide natural air circulation preventing from heat and humidity accumulation.
A solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and proper air circulation.
Stove & Chimney
A high-quality stove with bespoke chimney fills the interior with warmth and feeling of coziness.
Outer Cover
Best in class PVC architectural membrane. 100% waterproof & fire-retardant. Available in 6 signature colours.
Skylight Window
This roof-placed skylight window allows for stargazing straight from a cosy bed.
Insulation liner
Provides efficient thermal insulation.
Entrances & Doors
Camping door or aluminum & glass wing-door located at the back of the dome.

Complete package

Our geodesic dome kits include almost everything you need to start a glamping venture. Just add furniture & appliances and your retreat will be ready for Guests in no time!
Full specification

Interior Modules

Select the best option for your FDome Glamping! A luxurious all-in station divided by function, including a bathroom, a kitchen, a Stargazing Bed Module and a bedroom. Mix and match the modules to create a unique space for your Guests!
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Interior design

Invite your guests into a whole new setting. Bring comfort and luxury to the most remote locations. Captivating architecture of our domes will make your Guests enjoy whatever your land has to offer.
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Our satisfied customers

We are very happy because we have happy customers!
Our clients
It was a good investment for us. Good balance price-value. Since the reservations are coming in so fast, we will have to install another F.Dome soon to keep up with the demand.
icon of FDomes client
Alberto & Karolien Juarez
Zakalma Glamping
FDomes Glamping Domes were definitely worth the price and a great investment for us. We are getting a lot of requests now and new business because of them. The only problem is, we do not have enough domes!
icon of FDomes client
Jussi Pietikaeinen
Harriniva Lapland
Each dome is fully furnished with a private toilet, and all have panoramic views that allow you to appreciate the vast red desert view. They may not be the same as visiting the Red Planet, but for space tourism fans, it’s an out-of-this-world experience much closer to home.
icon of FDomes client
Lonely Planet
Experience Martian life at a desert dome camp

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Make your guests
feel special

Our modern structures can be insulated against heat and cold to create a safe environment for families, tourists, and conscientious travelers.
Configure your own dome
Highly customisable
Wide choice of membrane and interior colours, doors, windows and other accessories. Design your own Glamping Dome in our innovative 3D Configurator
Versatile: multiple sizes
Avaliable in five sizes: 20, 30, 40, 50, 75m2. Diversify further your offer by using cosy, romantic pods for couples and spacious glamping suites for whole families.
All-year, all-weather, all-climates
Fully enclosed, 100% waterproof, insulated, heated and equipped with solar-powered ventilation and passive air circulation. Proven in the coldest and hottest climates.
Durable: made to last
Higest quality materials and meticulous fabrication proces guarantee that your Fdomes pods will last for many years Ahead (our oldest dome has been in use since 2009 and still looks great!)
Quick ROI
Return On Investment period varies depending on several factors but some of our customers reported that they have achieved complete ROI on their dome purchases within one busy season.
Planning permission friendly
Minimum impact on the environment, colour membranes that blend with surroundings, fablicated with certified and fire retardant materials. All these mean a smooth planning permission process.
Low maintenance
FDomes do not require any major maintenance. All steel parts are protected from corrosion. Membranes are UV resistant with microbicidal coating and can be power-washed.
Quick DIY Assembly
Designed for easy self-assembly, all FDomes come with tools, step by step manuals and video tutorials. It only takes a few hours to build one. Assembly service and/or training is also available.

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