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Lago Sauna

LAGO has been designed by FDomes, a leading manufacturer of a glamping solution, to take your glamping to a new level of luxury, regardless of whether you have a glamping resort, a small Airbnb spot or a private property.

After years of experience in glamping industry, FDomes has addressed the needs of glamping owners, providing a unique Sauna in three different versions.

Floating LAGO - outstanding experience in the most serene surrounding.
Use the unused space to add a pinch of luxury to your resort. Your guests will be able to use sauna, relax and enjoy nature’s proximity even more. Let them cool down in the water on which the sauna is floating to take this experience a step further.

Price: 18 000 EUR

LAGO on Wheels - take your LAGO wherever you want.
Portable sauna is a perfect choice if you wish to provide a private experience for your guests, but you do not have space to set up an independent sauna per each accommodation. This version will also be a great pick if you have more than one resort or just want to immerse in nature in the most remote locations, not always with the glamping available at the spot.

Price: 18 000 EUR

Ground Based LAGO - make LAGO a puzzle of a bigger jigsaw.
You can arrange the surrounding of LAGO and include it in your land architectural plan. This version of LAGO is placed on the ground, so it becomes a part of a landscape, perfectly blending into nature thanks to its modern yet natural design.

Price: 12 000 EUR

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