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white geodesic dome in forest

We have some excellent news for hoteliers and resort owners. You can easily attract more Guests and drive more bookings to your venues by offering a geodesic dome kit with glamping accessories.


Nowadays, most hospitality owners offer accommodation of a similar standard and a nondiversified menu. The key feature to stand out is making your place unique in every way possible. That said, installing free WiFi all around the site won’t cut it. If you want to boost your business, your venue has to stand out and be much more inviting than what your competition has to offer. And believe us, there is no better way to achieve such a goal than deciding on a luxury geodome. Especially when you can create one on your own using FDomes geodesic dome kits that come with fabulous accessories. Let’s start with the very foundation of this list.

Glamping Dome in heavy snow on the abandoned hangar rooftop
Hans and Urlich powered by FDomes

A luxury geodesic dome: Fantastic space for glamping 

A glamping apartment – is an outdoor unit that removes all the displeasing elements of camping and offers a unique, bright, luxury space for your Guests. Be sure to look for a durable solution that you can build yourself or with the help of the supervisor (ask one of our Sales Managers about this service). We recommend using glamping domes tested in the most extreme conditions (where they performed exceptionally well). This relatively new type of structure can be set up with the help of any local crew or a couple of your friends, and it’s fun too. The dome comes in 5 sizes and can be adapted to fit your needs, budget and clientele. And it works with all the glamping accessories listed below too! All you need to do is decide which configuration meets your expectations. 

FDomes Glamping dome in Italy with breathtaking view of green valley
Gaia Spheres powered by FDomes

Here are seven dome accessories that are will definitely impress your Guests:

  1. Wood-burning Stove & Chimney: Make your dome warm and cosy
  2. Panoramic Bay Window: How about a room with a stunning view?
  3. Insulation options: Year-round protection means year-round glamping business
  4. Solar Fan: Let’s make the air circulate
  5. Curtains: Designer details & extra privacy
  6. Skylight Window: Natural light during the day and a starry ceiling at night
  7. PVC ground membrane Additional separation from the ground

Wood-burning Stove & Chimney: Make your dome warm and cosy

Is there a better way to glamorise your venue than installing a modern fireplace that will warm everyone up after a cold day outside? Not that we know of. Try using a Stove Kit that will allow you to enjoy the perks of a wood-burning stove designed to match the interior of your glamping unit. You can also select an optional stainless steel Chimney Kit to complete the set.

Accessory: Stove and Chimney Kit

Chimney Kit a wood-burning stove inside the FDome geodesic structure

Panoramic Bay Window: How about a room with a stunning view?

Let the sunlight in and ensure a panoramic view through a large bay window overlooking beautiful surroundings. Panoramic Bay Window alongside white interior will keep a feeling of spaciousness, even in the smaller units.

Accessory: Panoramic Bay Window

FDomes Glamping Odoms amazing view through panoramic bay window, perspective from the bed
Odom Retreat powered by FDomes

Insulation options: Year-round protection means Year-round glamping business

One of the priorities of keeping your glamping apartment in good shape is keeping a fixed temperature inside your dome (recommended temperature by FDomes: between 16 to 20 Celsius). There are two ways to do this. Apart from using a Stove, you may also ensure thermal comfort in virtually any condition using Alum-Air Insulation with an Insulation Liner. These pre-cut quality panels will add visual valour to its interior. Suppose you plan to use your dome all year round, even in an extreme climate. In that case, we advise considering Insulation+ as an additional option. The materials used are fibre-free, non-allergenic and non-irritant and keep you warm all year round! Another advantage of the insulation layers is saving on heating, which means you have lower costs maintaining the dome.

Accessory: Alum-Air Insulation, Insulation+

FDomes Glamping Odom Retreat inside of the dome including panoramic bay window, king size bed and Light Gray insulation layer
Odom Retreat powered by FDomes

Solar Fan: Let’s make the air circulate

According to the first law of glamping science, a glamping unit has to be a refreshing experience, and it may have something to do with proper ventilation! A solar-powered assisted air circulation system built into your glamping accommodation might be an excellent option. It comes as an easy-assembled Solar Fan that aids natural ventilation, reduces condensation, and allows air circulation inside the dome. Solar batteries power the Eco fan but can also be connected to electricity if necessary.

Accessory: Solar-Powered Fan System

Wood-burning Stove in the back, slightly blurred, on the first plan a folded robe

Curtains: Designer details & extra privacy

Stay ahead of the game and meet sunlight halfway by hanging curtains matching the dimensions of the Panoramic Bay Window. The curtains will provide your Guests with more intimacy and help in the thermal insulation of your glamping unit’s interior. A tailored canvas Curtain Kit will do the trick. The curtains are available in three colours: Dark Grey, Taupe and Beige. FDomes Curtains have certificates of non-flammability of materials. Keep in mind to use fire-retardant products and fabrics whenever possible to increase the safety of your Guests.

Accessory: Curtain Kit

FDomes Glamping Stay At Domes resort, panoramic bay window with Curtains Kit and a rocking chair in front
Stay At Domes powered by FDomes

Skylight Window: Natural light during the day and a starry ceiling at night

Stargazing is an unforgettable experience, especially if you do it from your bed! Adding a Skylight Window to your dome will boost the Guests’ experience and enrich their stay. During the day, it will provide extra light and breathtaking views at night. 

Accessory: Skylight window

The Keep at St. The Regis Aspen Mariott, dome from inside, couches with pillows under Skylight Window
The Keep at St. The Regis Aspen powered by FDomes

PVC ground membrane: Additional separation from the ground

Contact with nature is essential when it comes to glamping but is it really needed inside your tent? PVC Ground Membrane is an extra layer connected to the dome, preventing insects from getting inside. It also maintains the desired temperature inside the geodesic structure and doesn’t let morning dew and humidity interrupt your sleep.

Accessory: PVC Ground Membrane

FDomes Glamping interior arranged dining area with wood-burning stove in the back

Hopefully, now you know what you need to provide the best conditions for your Guests. Furthermore, our accessories have been selected to last longer and increase the dome’s life so that you can save in the long term.

What next? Create your own dome and go to our 3D configurator: link.

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