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We are pleased to see the growth of glamping – a modern form of spending one’s vacation that combines luxury and comfort with proximity to nature. The industry predicts that this trend will continue until 20281, with more and more people appreciating the comfort and uniqueness of glamping2. This is also indicated by the hundreds of resorts scattered around the world – from the frozen lands of Scandinavia to the endless deserts of Jordan and the uniquely diverse locations in the United States. What does the growth of the glamping industry look like, and what fosters it?

Exploring inspiration

The world of glamping is not just about relaxing in nature but also an exciting journey of creativity and inspiration. People in love with glamping don’t just use off-the-shelf solutions but create their unique places, emphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of each resort. Glamping tents appear at the edge of fjords, on the shores of lakes and bays, in the middle of an endless landscape surrounded by forests or fields, ending on the mountain terraces of the largest ranges of our globe. Each of these places has one factor in common: nature, which, combined with glamping, creates magical spaces for relaxation.

Glamping Domes in the World

Our industry is transforming into a fascinating social movement, where tents become symbols of luxury and comfort in cooperation with Mother Nature. We are proud that FDomes glamping tents are increasingly adorning the most beautiful corners on the map. People brought together by their love of glamping have created places that are not only beautiful in nature but also surprising in their originality.

Although everyone deserves recognition, it is impossible to list all our clients from the FDomes brand portfolio. However, today, we want to showcase a few resorts that, in our opinion, perfectly illustrate the growing popularity of glamping:

Uniqueness in every detail

Creating glamping resorts is not only a passion but also a challenge. This is as well confirmed by the influence of the new Generation Z, who emphasizes the uniqueness and searches for a way to have an effective and impressive vacation. Among others, they are the ones who generate the highest expectations and put glamping resort owners to the test. Saving time, the need for a high level of comfort, and designer surroundings are becoming critical elements for today’s generations – we recognize this need and, in addition to the production of FDomes glamping tents, we point to a game-changer in the form of FCubes brand interior modules.

The application of the modules saves time and guarantees ergonomic and stylish furnishings that emphasizes the uniqueness of any glamping. Many of our customers have realised that FCubes modules add functionality to a space while creating the feeling of being in a hotel room known for the most luxurious resorts:

In conclusion, glamping is not just a form of vacation – it is a lifestyle increasingly attracting people worldwide. Looking at the development of this industry, we look forward to seeing more inspiring projects and places that creatively combine luxury and nature. May glamping grow in strength, creating more unforgettable memories in tents!

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