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Wondering if Glamping Geodesic Dome is for you? Curious about its sizes, optional accessories and applications? Completely lost when it comes to assembly? Read on!

1. What is a glamping geodesic dome?

Glamping domes or FDomes Glamping are a new line of self-assembly products that revolutionise the hospitality industry. These elegant geodesic dome solutions are perfect for all glamping purposes and can be easily adapted into eco-living pods, garden studios or lounges. Available in five sizes, domes come with a panoramic bay window, back entrance and a set of optional accessories. They allow for a quick assembly and dismantle, delivering space for a 5-star glamping experience in most remote locations all year round.

2. Who are glamping domes suitable for?

Glamping geodesic domes are recommended for people who are looking for ways to:

  • make a living
  • find an additional source of income
  • add extra value to their business
  • diversify their service offer
  • target almost every market
  • keep their venture reasonably low-cost and efficient
  • get a swift return on investment

and also for those who:

  • are passionate about the outdoors
  • seek freedom in business
  • consider starting a hospitality business
  • own a piece of land
  • ‘feel’ the idea of upscale holidays
  • want to diversify or grow their business

More specifically, glamping domes may be a perfect solution for: hotels owners, camping sites, beach resorts, vineyards, B&Bs, ski resorts, golf resorts, DIY enthusiasts, small business owners, organisations, communities and schools, but also for individual clients who wish to explore the idea of glamping business.

3. How can I use a glamping geodesic dome?

Glamping domes have limitless applications. Some include eco-living glamping accommodation, winter eco-resort dome, lounge, garden studio, office pod, bar or cafeteria, dome home, yoga studio, disaster relief pod, and even a zoo. It’s all about the imagination.

4. What are glamping domes made of?

FDomes Glamping domes are robust steel constructions based on the idea of a high strength-to-weight ratio. These relatively lightweight self-supporting structures consist of a membrane cover and quality galvanised steel framework.* Such coverage enables complete protection from corrosion, even under extreme conditions of high humidity and water. FDomes geodesic domes meet the highest quality standards and are produced from certified materials from Europe with an expected 12-15 years lifespan.

*Framework may be additionally powder-coated with polyester semi-gloss RAL 9010 powder paint in white for enhanced appeal (see Optional Accessories). Powder-coating is a purely aesthetic feature recommended for clients who look for an attractive finish.

5. What does the basic FDomes Glamping Kit consist of?

Each Glamping Dome Kit we provide comes in a compact package, including a framework and membrane of a selected dome model, as well as parts and hand tools you will need during its assembly. Below you will find a complete list of all standard components:

  • Steel framework
  • Complete set of screws, washers and cap nuts (+ spare parts)
  • Steel structure feet (20) with screws and nuts
  • Steel entrance arch (4 separate elements)
  • Membrane cover with bay window, 3x air vents and 3x accessory slots
  • Set of 3x porthole windows (for accessory slots)
  • Membrane cover stretch system: elastic rope with fasteners
  • Membrane zip-door + 25 attachment straps
  • Anchorage Kit
  • Set of 5x Eye-Bolts (to hang any interior elements)
  • Complete FDomes Toolkit
  • User Guide & Installation Manual

6. What are the optional accessories for FDomes Glamping kit?

You may upgrade your Glamping Dome Kit with the following optional kits:

  • Insulation Kit: pre-cut insulation material and canvas headliner
  • Stove Kit: 8kW wood burning stove (+ optional Chimney Kit)
  • Chimney Kit: (for clients who decide to use their own stove)
  • Assisted Air Circulation Kit: solar-powered fan assembly
  • Curtain Kit: tailored canvas curtains and cables

FDomes Structures Optional Accessories

7. Is the glamping geodesic dome easy to assemble?

FDomes Glamping is a line of products designed specifically for self-assembly. We have made all efforts to keep the process simple and achievable for every client. Each glamping kit comes with a set of necessary hand tools and a step-by-step assembly manual to help you build the structure. By following the steps described in the manual, you will smoothly set the dome in a matter of hours with the help of two of your friends. We recommend using an A-shaped ladder (3m) for the installation.

8. What are glamping domes sizes?

Glamping domes are available in 5 sizes tailored to your specific requirements: 5.1m, 6.3m, 8m, 9.5m,12m in diameter (with an area of 20 to 110 square meters). The choice of the best model is dependent on the desired application. Whether you need just an intimate space for the newlyweds or a set of apartments for the whole family, FDomes Glamping allows you to encapsulate only the space you need, with minimal impact on the surroundings.

9. Are they safe to use?

Yes. FDomes Glamping are carefully designed and produced using only certified and approved materials from Europe. Attested components, combined with engineering test books and static calculations, ensure the highest level of safety and compliance with norms.

10. How do glamping domes behave in extreme weather conditions?

Glamping domes provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in any climate condition. These clever geometries can be used all year round in any environment due to their high-quality design and build. They are produced from high-quality materials resistant to high winds, heavy snows and even earthquakes.

High winds: each glamping dome kit includes an anchorage system allowing the structure to be safely attached to the ground and withstand even the most violent storms.

Heavy snows: glamping geodesic domes can be set up in areas of heavy snowfalls. However, they need to be treated in a certain way to ensure their safety and structural integrity. Any snow residues exceeding our maximum weight-loads for specific domes should be manually removed from their surface. To prevent this unlikely situation, keep the dome interior heated above 10°C (50°F) during the snowfall and at least 6 hours after it stops.

If you have any questions regarding the performance of the glamping dome in specific weather conditions or locations, please refer to the technical specifications of a selected product or contact our sales team at: sales@fdomes.com.

11. How do FDomes Glamping differ from FDomes Classic?

FDomes Classic is an original, simplified product line of geodesic dome structures intended for various applications, such as outdoor living spaces, greenhouses, event spaces, bars & cafeterias, lounges, pop-up shops, exhibition stands and many others. They are easily customisable to suit your needs, and they come in five sizes, three types of membrane cover, and two framework finishes.

FDomes Glamping is a new line of self-assembly products perfect for all glamping purposes. Available in five sizes, glamping domes come with a panoramic bay window, back entrance, and a set of optional kits and features that will be highly appreciated by clients who prefer hands-on, ready-made solutions.

The optional accessories include: curtains to make the space intimate, a solar-powered fan for improved air circulation, stove & chimney kits for a warm and cosy feel, and additional insulation. Glamping domes allow for a simple assembly and dismantle, delivering space for a 5-star glamping experience in the most remote locations all year round.

12. Can I configure the FDome Glamping Kit myself?

Regardless of the size, the glamping dome package can be customised to your specific needs, and you may configure it yourself. Simply go to the product page of your preferred dome size, click on the features you opt to include, and add the product to the cart when you are ready.

There are multiple optional accessories and kits designed to enhance your glamping dome. Adding optional features in the form of the solar-powered fan for further enhanced air-circulation in extreme conditions, wood-burning stove & chimney package for heating or effective insulation kit are a wonderful thing to consider, especially for people who prefer hands-on, ready-made solutions.

13. How to purchase a glamping geodesic dome?

In three simple steps:

  1. Choose your glamping dome size.
  2. Select optional accessories (if any).
  3. Complete your order.

That’s it. After you’ve completed the order, we will process it straight away. Your glamping dome kit will be produced and prepared for shipment upon receiving your payment.

14. How is the Dome Kit packed and delivered?

FDomes Glamping dome kits come as one or two compact packages, depending on the dome size and accessories. For more information about the product-specific package measurements, view relevant product pages.
The purchased product is carefully checked and securely transported on a standard-size palette and contained in a cardboard box wrapped with white stretch foil. The delivery of FDomes Glamping kits is handled with the utmost care by a trusted professional shipping company. Delivery trucks are equipped with a tail lift and manual pallet trolley. Your glamping dome kit will be unloaded and, if needed, carted to the desired place. We recommend that you unpack the package at the exact location where you plan to carry out the dome assembly.

15. Can I return the Dome Kit and get a refund?

We stand behind our products with the 30-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or refund of the product price and applicable tax. No questions asked, and no extra fees will be applied. However, you will be charged initial and return shipping costs. Learn more about the return policy in our Terms & Conditions.

* This policy only works with ready-to-go KITs of the FDomes Classic product line.

16. Can I exchange the Glamping Dome Kit for a different size?

You have already built your glamping dome and discovered that you need a different size? Do not worry. You can still exchange your dome kit within 30 days of delivery. No extra fees will be applied; however, you will be charged return shipping costs for sending items back and expenses for the second dome kit delivery. Learn more about the return policy in our Terms & Conditions

*This policy only works with ready-to-go KITs of the FDomes Classic product line.

17. Can you help me with my project?

Absolutely! Our experts are waiting to answer your questions. Contact us no matter what you`re planning to achieve. We are here to help, and together we will find your perfect glamping solution.

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