How Quickly Will Glamping Dome Pay Off?

Own a campsite and want to upgrade it fast and easy? Seeking ways to drive more success to your hospitality business and get swift return on investment? Try out a glamping dome! Here’s a short summary of all costs you would need to cover as well as potential income and ROI it could generate. See how fast one such dome could pay off.

Glamorous camping. Two words combined into one big hype. 384 glamping sites currently listed in Europe only (source: and more dotting the continent.

What began as a trend is now industry. Hundreds of hotels and campsites are cashing in on what became a top dream vacation for many holidaymakers.

No wonder. Glamping is the fastest way to diversify a campsite.

It offers much higher income than camping (per pitch and per booking), it is easy to implement into an existing camp, and a total set-up cost per unit is not scary at all.

Site owners love the idea where they purchase and furnish 1-3 glam tents and rent them out for what may amount to hundreds of dollars per night.

Ready to test the waters with glamping? Below we share with you the figures for setting up a luxury site made of domes.

How Much Will a Dome Cost Me?

Domes are intended for self-assembly and hence cost less than e.g. lodges or safari tents. Their prices vary depending on the size and choice of additional features.

Example: the smallest structure, F.Dome.20, costs €3.375,00. It comes in a compact package (glamping kit) including framework and membrane as well as parts and hand tools you will need during its assembly. Regardless of the size, dome kit can be customized to your specific needs and you may configure it yourself (via our website). Let’s assume you want to make the dome fully-featured with all additional accessories for another €4.200,00. Don’t forget to add shipping costs, €500.00 on average. You should also consider the costs of building the floor / decking. We will provide you with blueprints whereas the materials will cost you no more than €1,140.00. Eventually, add the cost of furniture and decorations (around €1,400.00) and you may expect the total level of investment to be about €10,615.00.

What Are the Accessories?

There are many additional features designed to enhance your glamping dome. Adding them is optional and dependent on your needs and location. You may decide on a solar-powered fan for enhanced air-circulation, wood-burning stove & chimney for heating or effective insulation kit. They are a wonderful thing to consider, especially for people who prefer hands-on, ready-made solutions.

Glamping dome and its accessories: chimney, stove, insulation, curtains...

You may upgrade your glamping kit with the following optional add-ons:

  • Insulation Kit: pre-cut insulation material and canvas headliner
  • Stove Kit: 8kW wood burning stove (+ optional Chimney Kit)
  • Chimney Kit: for those who decide to use their own stove
  • Assisted Air Circulation Kit: solar powered fan assembly
  • Curtain Kit: tailored canvas curtains and cables

Costs vs. Income?

Let’s make a quick calculation of potential income and return on investment based on the assumption that you: a) already own a land / camping site, and b) decide on the smallest dome. As shown above, the upfront costs of setting up a dome would total €10,615.00. Let’s assume that the average rate per renting out a dome per night would equal €85 and that your dome would be booked out for 130 nights, based on 70% occupancy, during spring and summer seasons.

Dome cost: €10,615.00

Avg. Rate per night: €100

Est. number of nights booked: 130

Revenue after 6 months: €100 / night x 130 nights = €13,000.00

The above calculation demonstrates that one glamping dome would pay off in full after 6 months of operations. Within this time, you could expect full return on initial investment, possibly including your marketing efforts and utility bills. Now imagine, what could happen if you offered more than one glamping dome, for more than 6 months…

Ever considered putting up domes at your site? Let us know in the comments!

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