Universal Solution: One Product, Many Functions

A greenhouse, a winter garden, a pop-up shop, a seasonal cafe, a sports facility or even an outdoor classroom… Whatever your needs may be, domes deliver. Our self-assembly kits provide a fabulous environment for every use. Thanks to their quick and easy assembly, they are a popular choice among those looking for basic, yet rigid and beautiful outdoor structure.

Turn your vision into reality with geodesic dome




F.Domes are not only functional and versatile, but also easy on your wallet. Classic line is a trick for making ultra-strong domes that do not cost the Earth but still perform great. Create a smart greenhouse, a local pop-up store or an outdoor classroom and stay within your budget. Prices start at €3.375,00.


No matter if you are planning to launch a pop-up shop in a busy shopping center, a summer bistro by the beach, a winter gazebo or a warm greenhouse in your back garden — we’ve got your perfect structure. It’s beautiful, strong and practical, so don’t be surprised to see it stealing the hearts of those around you. You have been warned.

FDomes Classic provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in any climate conditions. These clever geometries can be used all year round in just about any environment due to their high quality design and build. They are produced from high quality materials resistant to high winds, heavy snows and even earthquakes.


F.Domes are made for self-assembly. Each geodesic dome kit comes with a set of necessary hand tools and step-by-step installation manual that will help you build the structure yourself. The process is easy and does not require any technical skills or knowledge. If you decide that you need a professional training after all, we will fix something for you.

See how our clients use their domes


A vibrant chill-out area for Boutique hotel in Berlin, uniquely blending classic mountain cottage style with hi-tech domes.

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Orka Windsurfing

ORKA Windsurfing School uses Classic 30 as their residence at the beautiful and picturesque Hel peninsula!

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Innovative Outdoor Classrooms
United Kingdom

Unique outdoor classroom in Classic 75 incorporates the latest technology to educate and inspire young minds.

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Getting your own dome is easy as 1-2-3