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If you’re looking for a business idea that will work for your family, look no further! Establishing a glamping resort and running it together with your loved ones is a perfect way to create a welcoming environment where guests feel truly taken care of. All this while earning decent money and securing the future of your children at the same time.

Get to know how glamping stands out from the crowd of other business ideas for families!

Family-owned business is the way

There are countless examples of family-owned companies that achieved outstanding success – Walmart, BMW, and Dell Technologies are just a few names on the long list. Whether it’s because people tend to engage more in the work they share with family members or because of the indescribable atmosphere of building something meaningful together remains a secret. No wonder, though, that people who share lives with each other are often eager to explore business ideas cooperatively as well. 

Hotel, accommodation and hospitality industries are among the most welcoming ones to establish a family business nowadays. But to make your place work in times when chain hotels dominate the market, you need to provide your guests with two things: sincere hospitality and an experience that will make your offer stand out in the crowd. 

Being close to the guests, offering them aid in various situations and meeting them halfway are the desirable features of all the family-business owners. But even if you’re doing everything you can to make your guests feel at home, you need to win their attention first. You can do so by offering a place to visit that’s unlike most others. Here’s an idea.

A family-run glamping resort – a business for generations

Glamping is a more luxurious, more comfortable variant of camping. It’s a perfect way to experience nature as close as it gets without giving up on comfort and amenities – that’s why it’s often chosen by families (but not just them!).

Glamping is getting more popular each year and is predicted to grow for the next seven years at least, yet 2023 is still a great moment to launch your own glamping resort. As of 2022, there are 230 glamping businesses operating in the United States.

Travelers looking for a place to spend a few days in the woods comfortably can choose from a bit more than 6,000 glamping accommodations, which is quite low, considering the size and population of the States. That opens up a lot of possibilities for investors, who search for a way to allocate their money and establish a business that will last for generations.

Glamping resort as a family-owned business – pros & cons

Wondering if starting your own glamping resort is a good idea for your family? We’re here to show you the pros and cons of it!

The pros – what makes glamping a great investment for families?

  • Quick ROI and a steady income – although establishing a glamping resort requires quite a sum, it’s one of a few investments that can pay off in less than a year! In some circumstances, you might be able to achieve a full return on investment in less than a year – see the chart below:
* As per the feedback provided by our current Clients running glamping resorts where FDomes Glamping is the alternative accommodation type.
  • All-year-round resort – due to the accessories that you may select for your glamping domes, like insulation liner, insulation plus, stove and chimney set, the FDomes spherical tents can be used all year. Add the air conditioning device and you can manage the interior temperature all the time, using all the 12 months for rental.
  • Healthy and beautiful surroundings – it’s hard to imagine a healthier place to raise kids than inside the forest or by the lake. While working on your glamping resort, your children will be able to experience nature on a regular basis.
  • A business you can pass onto the next generation – glamping domes aren’t meant to last a season or two – the constructions are solid, and they can be used for years. If you pour your heart and soul into this business, your kids will inherit an acclaimed company that will bring them financial security and invaluable experience.
  • Professional help and know-how included – creating a glamping resort without a know-how is quite a challenge. That’s why in FDomes, we share our knowledge with people who decide to walk the path of glamping. We are a family-owned business ourselves, so we understand that with a bit of guidance and a nod in the right direction, many family companies may achieve great things.
  • Flexible working – if you decide to build your own glamping site as a family, you can adjust the amount of time and effort you put into this. That is an opportunity to make the company truly yours in every way, but it is also a challenge.

The cons – what are the possible drawbacks of running your own glamping resort?

  • No working 9 to 5 – while planning on launching any business, you need to make sure you are ready to forget what it’s like to close your laptop at 5 PM or leave the factory at the shift’s end. Building your own company requires working whenever there’s a need. Also, people are going to visit your place not only during weekdays.
  • Self-employment entourage – taxes, accounting, marketing, maintenance – all this will be on your shoulders once you decide to establish a business. You’ll need to hire some help or work even more to take care of all these aspects of running your own business.

All in all, glamping seems to be not only a great way to spend free time but also a promising idea for a family business. It provides a steady income and allows your family to work and live in an environment of your choosing. Find the land you love and start the glamping adventure of a lifetime!

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