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Masuria, Poland


The climate in Masuria, a region in north-eastern Poland, is characterized by a moderate continental climate. In summer it is relatively warm, with temperatures sometimes reaching even 25-30 degrees Celsius. Winters are cold, sometimes frosty, with snowfall. Spring and autumn are transitional, varying in temperature and rainfall.

Discover the true side of Masuria!

This is a place where you will feel everything nature has to offer. Listen to the sound of the water, feel the rays of the rising and setting sun. Lake Glamp was created in the heart of Mikołajki as the first on the Masurian lake trail with access to a private beach. All tents have windows facing west, offering a panoramic view of the vast Tałty Lake.
Guest opinions
Glamping with a view of the lake Our Clients
We highly recommend staying at Lake Glamp Mikołajki! There are few places where you can relax so close to the lake shore, use a private, safe beach or curl up with a book in an armchair with a wonderful view of the water. What makes the adventure even more interesting is the fact that we actually live in a tent, which is as standard as a room in a 4/5 star hotel! And this view of boats passing along the WJM trail at sunset! We will definitely come back!
Ania and Marek
We didn't know what to expect after staying in a "tent" by the lake. We usually associate it with mosquitoes and lack of comfort... but not in Lake Glamp. Tents are tents almost in name only! Inside, it's a rather good hotel: air conditioning, TV with Netflix, hot tub and a beautiful view of the lake! The location is amazing. On the one hand, we are on a large, private plot right next to the lake, on the other hand, all the attractions of Mikołajki are within a maximum 15-minute walk!
Kasia and Łukasz
Lake Glamp surprised us positively in winter. We took a risk and went with a group of friends for a weekend stay at the frozen lake. The view of the sun reflecting on the frozen lake is priceless. We swim, so the hosts prepared an ice hole on the beach at our request and we were able to have some great sessions. The descent to the water is shallow and gentle, 20 m away there was a fire waiting for us where we could quickly warm up and have a nice picnic in the evening. We can't wait to return to this wonderful place in the summer!
Paweł's team
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