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Avg. temperatures during the peak travel season (Dec to Feb) between: -16 °C (3 °F) to +3 °C (37 °F) with occasional lows of about -30 °C (-22 °F). Avg. days with snow: around 175 – 225 days / year.

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A night in Aurora Dome is a unique way to experience the nature. The comfortable and warm Dome is a perfect place to enjoy the magical winter scenery of lake Torassieppi lit by the northern lights. The Aurora Dome is a round igloo-shaped tent with Lappish themed decoration and one transparent wall. The Domes are completely insulated and a fireplace with an open fire gives out both warmth and comforting ambiance.
Guest Reviews
We are very happy becouse we have happy customers! Our Clients
There are only 4 domes which make it feel special and pretty exclusive. Just love the cozy decor and thoughtful details. The decor in each dome is slightly different. Bedding is comfy. The log burner will heat up the tent very quickly and just 1 round of log is sufficient for the whole night.
We were glad we chose to stay in the Aurora Domes and we were not disappointed even-though we did not get to see the Aurora borealis due to heavy cloud cover during our time there. Our stay was fantastic as we can watch people go ice fishing, husky and reindeer sledding, and snowmobiling from the Aurora domes itself. I believe that our stay would be more spectacular if the northern lights were visible then.
We arrived late at night without a reservation, looking for a place to stay. In the end, we ended up having the best night ever. First because of friendly staff, who did everything to make our stay pleasant. The girl even turned on the sauna just for us at 11pm. The cottage rooms are brand new and clean. The breakfast was delicious and they even organized a northern lights show above the lake for us (hahaha), so this place is absolutely perfect for watching aurora. Highly recommend this place!:)
Prague, Czech Republic
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