Interview with owners Zokalma Eco-Glamping. Off-grid site in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico

Zokalma Eco-Glamping in the picturesque region of Tulum, Mexico is a prime example of a loving couple that does not hesitate to turn their dreams into reality. We are very happy to take part in this brave new endeavour. In the following interview, you will find out what drove them and what sort of off-grid solutions they used to protect the pristine environment of their domes.

F.Domes:  Why did you decide to open your glamping business in Mexico? Did not you live in Belgium when you first contacted FDomes?

Zokalma: During our holidays in the region of Tulum in Mexico, we fell in love with the beautiful nature and its unique characteristics. The pristine white beaches but also the Mayan jungle with its mystical cenotes (a kind of natural sinkholes or natural underground rivers). Mexico wasn’t unfamiliar with us since we are a Mexican-Belgian couple. We decided to start making moving plans and create a new concept of outdoor living, away from the mass tourism in the region. With Zokalma Eco-Glamping, we want to offer a new way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. And this with the very first F.Domes in Mexico.

F: Why did you decide to go with the glamping dome instead of the different type of structure? And why did you choose F.Domes?

Z: This region of Mexico is known for its hurricane seasons. So we wanted to have a rigid structure, but also a quick, easy and removable set-up in case we would have to break it down if a hurricane hits the region. Moreover, temperatures can go up quickly in Mexico, so we wanted a solution for that as well. And found it with F.Domes. We did a lot of research and visited different types of glamping concepts before we heard about F.Domes. They really had every feature covered what we were looking for. And the design is fantastic.

F: Mexican jungle is full of wildlife. Don’t you consider specific species a concern for your glamping dome? Is it why you decided to build it on a tree?

Z: We love treehouses since we where kids, so that is the main reason we built it in a tree. A glamping-treehouse at 3.5 meters above the ground, in between the branches of the trees, also gives a different perspective on nature. The main goal of Zokalma Eco-Glamping is giving our guests a unique view on a jungle environment and its wildlife. You might spot monkeys, a toucan or other animals in their natural habitat, birds and butterflies abound. To make such our guests can stay in maximum comfort in this jungle setting, we combined the thoughtful air-insulation interior design with protective mosquito nets. Our guest can sleep soundly at night. Another goal is to make our guests conscious about their impact on this beautiful planet by offering eco-sustainable solutions.

F: Your domes are completely off-grid. Could you list the solutions to used to make the domes completely independent of existing infrastructure?

Z: We started Zokalma Eco-Glamping facing an almost untouched jungle. Our main goal is having a minimal impact, preserving nature by using renewable energy and eco-sustainable solutions. We use the solar-powered fan and the alum-air insulation offered by F.Domes to keep the domes ventilated and fresher in this tropical climate. Moreover, extra solar panels provide us with electricity for cooling and light. We are an Ecological Glamping with a private bathroom and dry toilet in each dome. Maintaining and protecting the fragile ecosystem of cenotes (underwater rivers) is very important to us. That is why we work with strict water management systems and bio filters. We exclusively work with gradagradable products.

F: What was the initial response to your glamping domes? Do you already have your first bookings?

Z: We just launched a week ago. And the response is tremendous up till now, due to the unique location and concept, beautiful design and comfort of the Glamping Domes. We are situated in an ideal touristic location close to the Tulum, known from its white beaches, but also close to prestigious Mayan archeological sites such as Coba and Chichén Itzá, one of the eight World Wonders.

F: What is the feedback from your guests? Did they enjoy staying in the dome? What is their most common response?

Z: They love it! People book with us because they want to experience nature, swim in the secluded cenotes and gaze at the amazing night skies. It is all about experiencing the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. And of course living a childhood memories by staying in a modern treehouse. Seeing wildlife front row or watching fireflies is a once in a lifetime experience.

F: Did you find the domes particularly difficult to build? What was the easiest and hardest part?

Z: No, the domes are easy to assemble. The only difficulty for us was the membrane, since it is heavy. In our case it was not so easy to install the membrane because of the structure’s position in the trees.

F: Did you find the investment in a glamping dome a good idea?

Z: Yes, it was a good investment for us. Good balance price-value. Since the reservations are coming in so fast, we will have to install another F.Dome soon to keep up with the demand.

F: Would you recommend F.Domes to other glamping site owners?

Z: Absolutely, they are very professional, flexible and highly skilled in their sector.

To find more information about Zokalma Glamping site visit their site: Zokalma Eco-Glamping and book your stay through AirBnB. Also, make sure you follow them on Facebook for the latest news from Mexican jungle, including the availability of new domes.

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