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F.Domes Glamping

Structures to complement every landscape




Develop eco-tourism destination

Invite your guests into a whole new setting. Bring comfort and luxury to the most remote locations. Captivating architecture of our domes will make your guests enjoy whatever your land has to offer.

Make your guests feel special

F.Domes provide luxurious, yet peaceful accommodation amongst breathtaking environments.

Our modern structures can be insulated against heat and cold to create a safe environment for families, tourists, and conscientious travelers. F.Domes have been utilized to create small communities in remote locations and withstand some of the most severe weather.

Create your own eco-resort

F.Dome Glamping.20

The smallest dwell dome in the offer perfectly tailored for a romantic getaway for two. The dome’s low volume provides ultimate coziness and creates an alluringly intimate atmosphere.


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20 m2 / 215 sq ft
5.1 m / 16.7 ft
3.35 m / 11 ft


F.Dome Glamping.30

Warmth and the feeling of closeness with some more space for furnishing. Superb vacation lounge for a couple or a small family, allowing to experience the true glamping spirit and bonding amongst nature.


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30 m2 / 323 sq ft
6 m / 19.68 ft
3.65 m / 12 ft


F.Dome Glamping.40

An optimal dome size for creation of very comfortable yet intimate retreat . It’s a perfect size for an en-suite bedroom with plenty of living space and enough room for additional furnishings. Consider this dome size if you are thinking about creating an upscale experience for your guests.


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40 m2 / 430 sq ft
7 m / 22.1 ft
4.3 m / 14.1 ft


F.Dome Glamping.50

Perfect glamping solution for bigger families or groups of friends. More space allows for creating an en-suite glamping pod with rich furnishing or dividing it into separate living areas.


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50 m2 / 538 sq ft
8 m / 26.2 ft
4 m / 13.1 ft


F.Dome Glamping.75

The most spacious glamping dome available. The high volume of the dome accommodates visitors in home-like conditions, making them wish the glamping experience could last forever. Ideal dome size to create a common space such as: reception, cafeteria, etc. on your glamping site.


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71 m2 / 807 sq ft
9.5 m / 31.2 ft
4.75 m / 15.7 ft


Unforgettable experience

Enjoy a luxury dome that provides an unforgettable camping experience. Our glamp domes can accommodate multiple guests and include complete bathroom. Add insulation and a skylight to enjoy the outdoors from within the dome.

Make it your own.

Design your own, unique dome with bespoke options and accessories. Choose windows & skylights, heat & cold insulation, stove & chimney, exterior & interior colours, entrance positions, door types, curtains and more!

Configure your F.Dome

En-suite Glamping.

5-star comforts in the wilderness.

Equip your domes with our plug & play Bathroom Module with full-size shower, sink, flush-toilet, heater, lighting, mirror, shelves and more for complete luxury in the great outdoors.

Interior Colours

Design your unique accommodation with range of interior liner colours, colourful curtains and various Bathroom Module colours.

Building Permits Friendly

Minimum impact on environment, colour membranes that blend with suroundings, fabricated with certified and fire-retardant materials. All this means smooth planning permission process.


Geodesic domes are proved to be one of the most sustainable building types with very low ratio of materials to structure footprint. All raw materials used for production are 100% recyclable and we use renewable energy for manufacturing processes.


Extremely Rigid

Heavy winds sea-side location? Harsh winter climate at the mountain-top spot? Thanks to reinforced steel framework F.Domes Glamping can withstand even the most violent weather conditions.

Safe: Certified & Approved

Engineering test books and static calculations along with attested materials ensure the highest level of safety and compliance with existing norms.

Durable: made to last

Highest quality materials and meticulous fabrication process guarantee that your F.Domes pods will last for many years ahead (our oldest dome is in use since 2009 and still looking great!).


F.Domes can be easily taken apart and moved to another location, further minimising your investment risk.

Dome Framework Strong, reinforced, galvanised steel dome framework. Withstands the most violent weather conditions.
Panoramic Bay Window Offers nearly 180° panoramic views, can be equipped with curtains for extra privacy.
Air Circulation Ventilation openings provide natural air circulation preventing from heat and humidity accumulation.
Solar-fan A solar-powered fan aids natural ventilation and proper air circulation.
Stove & Chimney A high-quality stove with bespoke chimney fills the interior with warmth and feeling of coziness
Outer Cover Best in class PVC architectural membrane. 100% waterproof & fire-retardant. Available in 6 signature colours.
Skylight Window This roof-placed skylight window allows for stargazing straight from a cosy bed.
Insulation liner Provides efficient thermal insulation.
Entrances & Doors Diamond-shaped door or lockable, aluminum & glass wing-door located at the back of the dome.

Complete package.

Our geodesic dome kits include almost everything you need to start a glamping venture. Just add furniture & appliances and your retreat will be ready for guests in no time!

Configure your F.Dome

What's included in the F.Domes Kit?

F.Domes Kits are delivered in well secured pallet boxes. Each kit comes with all the parts needed to build a complete the dome, as well as hand tools required for assembly. Here's a list of all standard components delivered in the box:

  • Steel framework with letter-coded structure struts
  • Complete set of screws, washers and cap nuts (+ spare parts)
  • Steel structure feet with screws and nuts
  • Membrane outer cover with 3x air vents and transparent bay window
  • Membrane cover stretch system: elastic rope with fasteners and hooks
  • Diamond-shaped membrane zip-door
  • Anchorage Kit (steel ground pins)
  • Set of 5x Eye-Bolts (useful to hang interior elements)
  • Complete F.Domes Assembly Toolkit
  • Installation Manual

Additional options & accessories

Heavy-duty Framework

Colour Membranes

Skylight Window

Porthole Windows

Lockable Glass Door

Bathroom Module

Entrance Positions

Ground Cover

Insulation Liner

Solar Fan Ventilation

Stove & Chimney





Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Sun City Camp

“I had one of the best experiences at this amazing camp, great tents especially the "bubble" tents, amazing staff, good food. Big thanks for this amazing hospitality.”

Guest from North Carolina, US

“They literally took the glamping experience to a different level.”

Guest from the United Kingdom

“This was a very nice luxurious camping experience for us. The dome tent was beyond our expectations with everything that you could possibly need.”

Guest from France

“I would recommend the geo bubbles if you're looking for something modern & different. The whole front of the geodome is clear so that you can look outside. There is also a washroom with full running water (shower etc) inside. The domes are very well done & unique.”

Guest from Spain

“We booked the Sun City Dome and could not believe the setup and luxury that awaited us. The semisphere light structure with a transparent front, stargazing views and private porch was nothing less than a well appointed upscale hotel room.”

Guest from Norway

Harriniva Hotels & Safaris, Muonio, Finland

Aurora Domes - Arctic Circle

“F.Domes were definitely worth the price and a great investment for us. We are getting a lot of requests now and new business because of them. The only problem is, we do not have enough domes! ”

Sales & Marketing Director, Harriniva Hotels & Safaris

“This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! We stayed in one of the Aurora Domes. Awesome scenery in Winter Wonderland!”

Guest from Florida, US

“We stayed at Torassieppi Lake in an Aurora Dome (Arctic Glamping) which is a must for couples. Truly romantic gateway.”

Guest from Austria

“Everything was fabulous, dome experience was so superb... Everything went as planned and better than expected... Perfect holidays!”

Guest from France

“Glamping doesn’t get any cooler than in the new Aurora Domes. The igloo-shaped tents, on the shores of Lake Torassieppi in Finnish Lapland, have one transparent wall facing north for prime sky-gazing. They come with a wood-burning stove, a double bed and space for two extra singles (toilets are 50 metres away, if you’re wondering)”

The Guardian (UK Newspaper)




All you need to know about geodomes.

Worldwide Delivery

Complete F.Dome will be delivered to your chosen location by one of our logistics partners. All parts come secured in plywood boxes. Lead times vary depending of accessories choice and dome quantity, on avg. we ship most orders within 3 - 6 weeks.

Easy DIY Set-up

Designed for easy self-assembly, all F.Domes come with tools and step-by-step manuals. Building fully equipped, en-suite dome takes on average one full day, while setting up a basic version can take just 2 - 3 hours.

Low Maintenance

F.Domes require minimal maintenance. Dome frameworks are hot-dip galvanised and protected from corrosion, while PVC membranes are UV resistant and covered with fungicide coating. They have very high tear and tensile strength and can be easily cleaned by power-washing.

3-Years Warranty

We take great care to offer the best quality structures, so every single component goes through meticulous quality control to leave our factory free of defects. In the unlikely event of product developing any fault due to defective workmanship or materials, we will fix or replace them free of charge.

Planning & Design Support

If you’re planning an investment of at least 10x units, our team will gladly provide advice on architectural site planning (preliminary design, drafting site layout, product specs for building permits documentation, etc).

Assembly Service

Building our domes is easy, however you can choose to get help from one of our experienced crew chiefs who will supervise and train your team. Don't have your own team? Hire our professional assembly crew to build your structures for you!

From the Blog

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Why Choose F.Domes?

Unbeatable quality-to-price ratio among glamping pods and quirky look that generates frequent attention of international media.

At the newly opened Harriniva above the Arctic Circle on Finland’s western border, you’ll be, at the very least, warm and toasty. [...] Specialist geodesic dome designers Freedomes have sited a pair of bijoux all white hi-tech igloos by Lake Torassieppijarvi in Muonio’s.

Wallpaper* MagazineHarriniva Aurora Domes Hotel Review

Each dome is fully furnished with a private toilet, and all have panoramic views that allow you to appreciate the vast red desert view. They may not be the same as visiting the Red Planet, but for space tourism fans, it’s an out-of-this-world experience much closer to home.

Lonely PlanetExperience Martian life at a desert dome camp

F.Domes Glamping Domes were definitely worth the price and a great investment for us. We are getting a lot of requests now and new business because of them. The only problem is, we do not have enough domes!

Jussi PietikaeinenHarriniva Lapland

It was a good investment for us. Good balance price-value. Since the reservations are coming in so fast, we will have to install another F.Dome soon to keep up with the demand.

Alberto & Karolien JuarezZokalma Glamping

Quick ROI

Return On Investment period varies depending on several factors but most of our customers report that they achieve complete ROI on their fully featured dome purchases within one busy season!


Quality and versatility of F.Domes Kits has been recognised by Architizer A+ Awards (Popular Choice Award). The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program celebrating the best architecture and architectural products.

Proven track record

F.Domes Kits are already proven in 100+ locations world-wide and our parent company, Freedomes, has successfully executed over 750 temporary and permanent dome projects around the world. We are domes experts.

Affordable, yet great

Our main principle is to make geodesic dome kits accessible to anyone looking for a long-lasting, high quality structures. F.Domes offer unbeatable ratio of quality & functionality to price among glamping pods suppliers.

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