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In the late 40′s of the 20th century the idea of dividing a sphere into triangular elements was developed and popularized by the famous American inventor, architect and a prominent propagator of the hi-tech movement – Richard Buckminster Fuller. The innovative spherical frames of his buildings turned out to be surprisingly durable, stable, easy to build and reasonably economical to produce.


In accordance with those ideas, our self-assembly geodesic dome kits are based on the perfect geometry of a sphere, reflecting the unity and integrity behind them and combining this with a futuristic architectural vision. Geodesic domes are widely recognized as the most stable and durable structures ever created by man.

Buckminster Fuller came up with the idea of “Spaceship Earth” and the geodesic dome – at F.Domes we want to popularise those breakthrough concepts and make geodesic dome kits accessible to anyone looking for a long-lasting, high quality structure.

Yes, F.Domes can be used all year round in nearly any climate conditions. Many of our customers set up their domes as semi-permanent or permanent structures and never take them down for a winter / summer season. Thanks to high quality of materials used for production of our geodesic dome kits, they are not prone to harsh weather conditions or low temperatures.

Specific details on recommended operating conditions can be found in technical specification of each dome.

Both Glamping and Classic domes provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in any climate conditions. These clever geometries can be used all year round in just about any environment due to their high quality design and build. They are produced from high quality materials resistant to high winds, heavy snows and even earthquakes.

High winds: F.Domes can be set-up even at locations exposed to strong winds. Each dome kit comes with an anchorage system that is used to attach the dome to the ground. Our domes have been engineered to withstand even the most violent storms, however if you plan to put up a dome at location with winds regularly exceeding 11 Beaufort (100 km/h / 70 miles/h), please contact our sales team at: to discuss your specific needs.

Heavy snows: F.Domes can be set-up at locations with heavy snowfalls, however certain practices are required to ensure safety and structural integrity of the structure during the snow fall. Large amount of wet, frozen snow residue on top of the dome can be very heavy and in result can exceed maximum weight-loads designed for our dome kits.

Even though it is unlikely that you will experience large snow residue on top of the dome (thanks to spherical shape of the dome and nonporous surface of the membrane), such situation can be potentially dangerous. Heavy snow load might cause damage to the dome and/or equipment and people inside of the structure, therefore it is important to remove snow and ice from the dome surface regularly. For maximum additional weight-loads allowed, please refer to technical specification of each dome.

We recommend following ways of preventing / removing snow residue:

– Keep your dome interior heated above 10 °C (50 °F) during the snow fall and at least 6 hours after.
– Manually remove snow with a snow roof rake or long brush on the outside of the dome

Low temperatures (below  7 °C or 44 °F) can make installation of the transparent cover more difficult as it tends to get stiff and less flexible. If you plan to set-up a dome in winter climate / environment – please consider using completely white membrane or white with transparent front section. Our assembly manuals provide advices on how to deal with membrane covers during assembly & dismantle in different temperatures / climate conditions.

In standard all steel elements of our self-assembly geodesic dome kits are hot-dip galvanised (both sided). This means that they are completely protected from corrosion and will not rust even if exposed to high humidity / water for long periods of time.

For better visual finish, choose optional powder coating of steel elements. All framework pipes and structure feet will be not only galvanised, but also powder-coated white with polyester semi-gloss RAL 9010 powder paint.

Powder-coating is purely aesthetic feature and we recommend it to all clients that pay attention to details and look for high quality finish.

F.Domes self-assembly geodesic dome kits come with one of the three different types of membranes:

  1. Completely White
  2. White with Transparent Front
  3. Completely Transparent

You can also choose whether you want to have steel framework galvanised or galvanised and powder-coated white for even more finished look.

For many more customisation options and wide range of accessories please check our parent company:
Freedomes – World in a Sphere.

In opposite to F.Domes self-assembly kits, our Freedomes structures are designated mainly for professionals who expect high level of customisation and versatility from our domes.

Freedomes products come in sizes ranging from 6m to 36m of diameter and can host up to 1.500 people, offering much wider choice of dome sizes, finishing options, membranes and framework types and vast amount of accessories, such as:
custom made membranes, multiple door openings, floor systems, walkway tunnels, branding, air-conditioning and heating systems, insulation, mezzanines, glass-covered domes and many more.

Get in touch with Freedomes experts to receive a quote on fully customisable dome solutions.


The lifespan of our F.Dome membrane depends on your location, climate, frequency and type of usage. When subject to optimal usage, the expected longevity of the membrane is said to be over 10 years. We recommend doing regular checkups for its wear and tear in order to avoid any problems, especially in the areas of high use: around doors, windows, venting and heating materials. In order to remove debris and dirt that may accumulate on the membrane surface, we suggest washing the cover at least once a year.

F.Domes geodesic domes are based on the idea of sustainable manufacturing and eco-innovations offering low ecological impact in the following ways:

–They are sustainable and efficient, especially in terms of responsible management of their resources: geodesic dome structures enclose the greatest volume of space with the least amount of materials used, meaning that they “do more with less” (less materials and less waste), offering more living space than, e.g. rectilinear structures.

– All the materials used for the production of geodesic domes are of high quality and 100% recyclable: the framework is made from galvanized steel which is clad with a watertight PVC membrane – both ideal for reprocessing. The materials come from renowned European suppliers and meet strict CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission standards.

–The spherical shape of the domes is much more energy-efficient than other shapes. Unobstructed air flow in their interior (no internal walls or supports) allows for a more natural process of cooling and heating. In consequence, requires 30% less energy to heat and cool compared to cubic structure of similar size. It also entails lower utility bills.

– They do not require the use of foundation and hence do not affect the natural balance.

– They offer unparalleled durability in any climate, hence their longevity & sustainability. The expected life span of dome membrane is approx. 12-15 years, while galvanized steel is said to last more than 70 years. Therefore, when properly maintained, F.Domes last long and are one of the most versatile structures that can be repurposed at any time.

When there is a will, there’s a way – if somebody really wanted to break into your dome, he will find a way to do this. However, installing a locking entry door might just be the means to stop them from doing so. Our door opening creates a space for you to install a conventional door.

Classic Dome

Outdoor living spaces
Garden studios, office pods, hot tub covers, kids playground, backyard storage. Our self-assembly dome kits provide fantastic environment for every use. Thanks to quick and easy assembly, they are popular choice for those looking for basic, yet rigid and beautiful outdoor structure

Greenhouse domes
Greenhouses, conservatories, winter gardens. Start growing your own food or move your existing plot into a dome and extend a growing season. Small F.Dome greenhouses are perfect for backyard garden use, while bigger kits can be perfect for schools and local communities willing to grow their of fruits and veg

Family Parties
Don’t have enough space at home to host a large party? Build a dome at your garden and invite even 100 guests. But be warned – all your guests will be looking forward to your next garden party in a dome!

Bar / Cafeteria / Lounge
Temporary / semi-permanent spaces for hospitality can be easily created inside of the F.Dome Geodesic Dome Kits. Planning to open a seasonal restaurant? Want to expand existing place and cover outdoor terrace? F.Dome is a perfect fit for all catering needs.

Point of sales / Information Kiosk
Our smallest dome kits prove to be popular among merchants that require basic, yet rigid shelter to sell their products. F.Domes serve great as pop-up shops in crowded areas or temporary points of sales / information points during festivals.

Trade show booths / Exhibition stands
Attract your potential clients with unique design of your trade show booth. All our domes can be assembled within a few hours and create environments that your customers will love.

Sports Club Houses
There is no need for expensive investments, acquiring building permissions and spending many weeks on planning. Instead, just create your golf course club house inside of the F.Dome Geodesic Dome. Order now and it can be ready to use in one week from now!

Emergency Evacuation Shelter
With quick assembly and easy transportation, our Geodesic Dome kits are perfect as emergency shelters. They are particularly popular among survivalists who appreciate small amount of space required to store the dome.

Relief Domes
Our Dome kits can be also used as portable medical centres, classrooms, supply distribution points, kitchens, warehouses and shelters for displaced families and emergency workers. They proved to be invaluable in situations of natural disasters where rapid help is required for those in need.

Outdoor Aviary / Flight Cages / Animal Pen
Special avian netting is available on request and allows creation of a happy home for exotic birds, poultry, dogs, cats, reptiles and many other. Animals love our domes!

Yoga / Healing Domes
Our self-assembly kits are perfect to create personal place of meditation or yoga retreat / classroom for number of people under spiritual geometry of the dome.

  • Steel framework with letter-coded structure struts
  • Complete set of screws, washers and cap nuts (+ spare parts)
  • Steel structure feet with screws and nuts
  • Steel entrance arch (4 separate elements)
  • Membrane cover with air vents
  • Membrane cover stretch system: elastic rope with fasteners and hooks
  • Membrane zip-door + attachement straps (incl. spare straps)
  • Anchorage Kit (steel ground pins)
  • Set of 5x Eye-Bolts (useful to hang interior elements)
  • Complete F.Domes Toolkit including:
    – M12 manual wrench + M12 Allen Key
    – M8 manual wrench + M8 Allen Key
    – 3x or 5x ropes with hooks for pulling cover (depending of the dome size)
    – Membrane Cleaning Cloth
  • User Guide & Installation Manual + Photo & Video Tutorials

There are four main factors that are worth considering when choosing the size of the dome:
– Purpose of the dome
– Amount of space available
– Amount of people / equipment that you plan to have inside at one time
– How often you will be moving / setting-up / taking down the dome?

Please refer to each products subpage and technical specifications of each dome size for more information on sizes, capacity, assembly and dismantle times.
If you have questions whether particular dome size of your choice will be suitable for a specific purpose – please contact our sales team at: We will be happy to discuss it with you and advise on most suitable solution for your needs.

F.Domes Self-assembly Dome Kits come with one of the three types of membrane covers:

– White cover with transparent front section (bay window)
– Completely white cover
– Completely transparent cover

For most applications, standard white membrane with transparent front section is the most popular choice among our clients. Consider following factors when choosing the membrane type:

A. Purpose of the dome

E.g. if you plan to create a greenhouse / winter garden, then you should choose completely transparent cover. The same type of cover would also serve great as a canopy covering a hot tub / jacuzzi or even as a unique trade show booth or point of sale.

B. Location of your dome

While completely transparent covers are great for some purposes, they might not be suitable for certain uses. Because transparent membrane transmits a lot of solar heat, interior of a dome covered with 100% transparent canopy can get really warm after being exposed to sunlight.

If you have any doubts whether particular type of membrane will suit your needs – please contact our sales team at:

C. Climate / weather conditions

D. Wear and tear

Important factor to consider when choosing type of the cover is how often you will be setting up and taking down your dome. White membrane material is much more resistant to scratches than transparent fabric, therefore consider using fully white or white with clear front section if you plan to assemble and dismantle your dome frequently.

Glamping Dome

Glamping domes or F.Domes.Glamping are a new line of self-assembly products that revolutionise hospitality industry. These elegant dome solutions are perfect for all glamping purposes and can be easily adapted into eco-living pods, garden studios or lounges. Available in five sizes, domes come with panoramic bay window, back entrance and a set of optional accessories. They allow for a quick assembly and dismantle, delivering space for 5-star glamping experience in most remote locations, all year round.

F.Domes Classic are an original, simplified product line of geodesic dome structures intended for various applications, such as outdoor living spaces, greenhouses, event spaces, bars & cafeterias, lounges, pop-up shops, exhibition stands and many other. Easily customizable to suit your needs, they come in five sizes, three types of membrane cover, and two framework finishes.

F.Domes Glamping is a new line of self-assembly products perfect for all glamping purposes. Available in five sizes, glamping domes come with panoramic bay window, back entrance and a set of optional kits and features which will be highly appreciated by clients who prefer hands-on, ready-made solutions.

The optional accessories include: curtains to make the space intimate, solar-powered fan for improved air circulation, stove & chimney kits for warm and cozy feel, and additional insulation. Glamping domes allow for a simple assembly and dismantle, delivering space for 5-star glamping experience in the most remote locations, all year round.

Each Glamping Dome Kit we provide comes in a compact package including a framework and membrane of a selected dome model, as well as parts and hand tools you will need during its assembly. Below you will find a complete list of all standard components:

  • Steel framework
  • Complete set of screws, washers and cap nuts (+ spare parts)
  • Steel structure feet (20) with screws and nuts
  • Steel entrance arch (4 separate elements)
  • Membrane cover with bay window, 3x air vents and 3x accessory slots
  • Set of 3x porthole windows (for accessory slots)
  • Membrane cover stretch system: elastic rope with fasteners
  • Membrane zip-door + 25 attachement straps
  • Anchorage Kit
  • Set of 5x Eye-Bolts (to hang any interior elements)
  • Complete F.Domes Toolkit
  • User Guide & Installation Manual

You may upgrade your Glamping Dome Kit with the following optional kits:

  • Insulation Kit: pre-cut insulation material and canvas headliner
  • Stove Kit: 8kW wood burning stove (+ optional Chimney Kit)
  • Chimney Kit: (for clients who decide to use their own stove)
  • Assisted Air Circulation Kit: solar powered fan assembly
  • Curtain Kit: tailored canvas curtains and cables


Order & Delivery

We receive your order and process it straight away. If you chose to pay with your Credit Card or PayPal, we will start preparing your dome kit straight away and it will be ready for shipping within two – three business days.

If you chose to pay via bank transfer, we will wait until your payment is received on our bank account (please remember to state order number in payment description) and then we start preparing your dome kit for shipment.

Before you receive your dome kit, you will receive four e-mail status updates:

– First – when we receive your order
– Second – once we start processing your dome kit and preparing it for shipment
– Third – when your order is ready for shipment. This e-mail will contain information on when exactly (day and time) your dome kit is set to arrive to you. It is important that you are present at the time of delivery. If proposed schedule does not suit you – you can let us know and we will arrange different delivery date. Learn more about Shipping and Delivery
– Fourth – once your dome kit is already shipped.

If you have a registered user account or if during Checkout you choose to create an account or login / register with Facebook profile, you will be also able to check your order status by going to “My Account” page.

We currently offer three alternative payment options:

1) Bank transfer
Make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. If you chose to pay via bank transfer, we will wait until your payment is received on our bank account (please remember to state order number in payment description) and then we start preparing your dome kit for shipment.

2) PayPal or Credit Card
If you chose to pay with your Credit Card or PayPal, we will start preparing your dome kit straight away and it will be ready for shipping within two – three business days.

We accept payments in Euro (EUR), Pounds Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) and Polish Zloty (PLN). If you want to pay with different currency than currently displayed in your cart, please switch to another region in the top navigation bar. Items in your cart will be saved and displayed in different currency.

We currently do not offer financing or lease options.

We do not offer this kind of payment, as all F.Domes kits are produced on-demand and get customised according to the options chosen by the Client on the product page.

All transactions within European Union are free from custom / duty charges. Duty charges may apply to customers from Switzerland and Norway. All customers that purchase the F.Dome kits privately and not as a company registered in European Union are required to pay VAT tax. VAT is calculated and displayed in your Cart and on the Checkout page.

If you are making a purchase as a company registered in the European Union and have valid EU VAT number, then you will be eligible for Vat exemption. Please provide EU VAT number at Checkout to recalculate the total cost.

If you haven’t made your payment yet – you can cancel your order without any consequences within 24 hours from making the order. We do not offer cancellation option after this time or once your payment is processed.

To cancel your order, log-in to your account and on the list of Recent Orders, choose the order that you wish to cancel. Please remember, that we stand behind our products with the 30-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return them within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or refund of the product price, delivery and applicable tax. No questions asked and no extra fees will be applied, however you will be charged return shipping costs.

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F.Domes Geodesic Dome Kits come as one or two concise packages (depending of the dome size). Exact package measurements can be found on specific product pages.

It is transported on a standard size palette and contained in cardboard box wrapped with white stretch foil that secures your dome kit during shipment. F.Dome kits are delivered by professional shipping company that we co-operate with. Delivery trucks are equipped with a tail lift and manual palette trolley. Your dome kit will be unloaded and if needed, carted to a desired place.

We recommend that you unload the package at the exact location of where you plan to carry out the dome assembly.

We put a lot of effort to make sure that your package is 100% complete and made according to our highest fabrication standards. Each dome package is completed by two of our experienced team members and goes through careful quality control at every stage of dome kit preparation.

Every package prepared for shipment is carefully checked by another team member, reducing the risk of shipping a faulty or incomplete Dome Kit.

Assembly & Dismantle

F.Domes Geodesic Dome Kit are designed specifically with self-assembly in mind. By following steps described in the assembly manual, provided together with the structure, you can build the dome with help of your friends, family or co-workers.

Each Geodesic Dome kit that we provide includes all parts and hand tools that you are going to need during the process of assembly. You only need to organise the following elements:

– One A-shaped ladder, 3 meters tall.
– One large hammer or sledgehammer (for anchoring pins)
– A few friends / family / co-workers to help with the build-up
– Positive attitude and a few hours of spare time

Geodesic dome assembly can be really fun and socialising event if you invite your friends, family and/or co-workers. It requires teamwork from everyone involved and gives wonderful feeling of accomplishment once the dome is finished.

Yes, we offer optional Assembly Training and Supervision service. Add it to your cart and once we receive your order, will contact you to discuss suitable date for the training and assembly to happen.

Our training & assembly service includes:

– One full day (up to 8 hours) of dome assembly training and supervision at your location
– Travel and accommodation costs of F.Domes experienced assembly expert

Please note: this service is available at one standard flat rate of 750,00 EUR for all European Union countries. We currently do not offer this service outside the EU.

Our F.Domes kits are designed with self-assembly in mind, however if you decide that you need help with assembly process and get professional training – you can order our Assembly Training and Supervision service at any time, even if you initially ordered your dome kit without this service.

Alternatively, if you have any specific questions or want to discuss the assembly process with our experts, you can always contact our team at: to get assistance with the assembly process.

F.Dome kits can be set up on nearly all kinds of grounds, however it is essential that the dome is properly anchored. Every F.Dome kit comes with anchorage pins and instruction on how to correctly attach the dome to the ground.

Anchor pins that we provide are made of 60cm long steel stakes that must be hammered into the ground. There are two pins for each structure foot (total of 40 or 50 pins – depending of the dome size). Anchoring is necessary in all areas exposed to winds. It is not required if you plan to set-up your dome inside of a building (e.g. as a trade show booth at the exhibition hall).

If you plan to set up an F.Dome on a concrete base or any other type of solid surface, make sure that you will be able to hammer pins into this surface. Before proceeding with anchoring, you must make sure that there is no underground media, such us water pipes or electric cables.

Site level
It is important that the dome’s weight is supported on all feet evenly. If the area where you plan to build the dome at is uneven or has irregular surface you should consider one of the two solutions:

– Level / even out the ground before starting the build. This is recommended if your site has significant differences in heights / levels of the ground surface. We also suggest this solution if you plan to keep your dome in one place for long period of time.

– You can also put flat wooden/plywood pieces under each structure foot that needs to be levelled. This is the best solution if there are no major differences in ground levels. Approx. 10mm and 20mm thick wooden/plywood boards are useful for adjusting levels and can be easily put underneath dome’s foot after the dome is assembled.

F.Domes kits come without floor system, however in the near future we will introduce free, downloadable DIY floor plans for those customers who want to construct their own flooring. These plans will include information on how to construct a simple floor for each of the F.Dome sizes with wooden materials available from your local DIY store.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a complete geodesic dome with tailor-made floor system, please check products range of our parent-company: Freedomes – World in a Sphere. Freedomes dome structures come with professional floor system based on an upraised, steel frame with anti-slippery plywood board. It does not only provide rigid base for a dome, but also acts as a weight-down, eliminating need for anchoring.

Please note: Freedomes Premium Floor system works only with Freedomes Dome structures and will not be suitable for an F.Dome self-assembly kit.

F.Domes Self-Assembly Kits come with assembly and dismantle instructions. By following our step-by-step manuals you will be able to break down you dome structure safely and move it to another location.

Our small (F.Dome.20 / F.Dome.30 / F.Dome.50) self-assembly kits almost never require planning permission or any other building permits, however different regulations apply in different countries of the European Union or even in different regions within the same country. Permanent foundations are not required for a F.Domes kits, which usually qualifies them as temporary structures, not requiring planning permission in most places.

Planning permission is generally not about the size of the structure, rather it’s location, external appearance and it’s intended use. In most cases you will need planning approval if you want to set-up an F.Dome as a semi-permanent structure in a National Park, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites though the only real restrictions in Conservation Areas, which are significantly more commonplace, relate to buildings installed at the side of properties.

In the UK, rules governing outbuildings may apply to F.Domes geodesic dome kits as they do apply for sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels, enclosures (including tennis courts) and many other kinds of structure for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse. Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, provided that all the conditions are met.

For more details please refer to your local building regulations resources, usually provided by government bodies or contact your local planning office for detailed, local information.

Warranty & Support

We stand behind our products with the 30-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return them within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or refund of the product price, delivery and applicable tax. No questions asked and no extra fees will be applied, however you will be charged return shipping costs.

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If you already built your dome and discovered that a different dome size would be more suitable for you – you can exchange your Dome Kit during 30 days of delivery. No extra fees will be applied, however you will be charged return shipping costs for returned item and delivery costs for the second dome kit.

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Before you start the dome assembly, please refer to included Index of Components to examine whether you have received all required parts and whether they are all in-tact. All FDomes kits are fully insured for shipping, therefore if the foil wrap and cardboard box around your package are visibly damaged, please take photos before unpacking and then examine its contents.

If you were unfortunate enough to receive an incomplete or faulty package, or if the package contents were damaged during shipping, please contact us at:

All parts of your geodesic dome kit are covered with 18 month material warranty that applies to any manufacturing defects. Warranty does not apply to physical damages or damages caused by incorrect assembly or maintenance.

For fabrication of our FDomes kits we use only highest quality materials from our trusted, european suppliers. Quality of every element of the package is checked after fabrication and any part that does not meet our internal standards is scrapped and replaced with a new part.

If you carry out assembly in accordance to provided instructions as well as follow our guidance provided in the User Guide / Dome Care Manual, it is very unlikely that your dome will have any defects, however if this is the case, please contact us at: including photos and detailed description of the problem.

Should any part prove defective within period of 18 months, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.
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