Glamping 20

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Geodesic dome for glamping with base area of 20m2, diameter of 5.1m and 3.35m in height. Our smallest geodesic dome for glamping is perfect for an intimate weekend getaway, while low volume makes it excellent for extreme temperatures, where it is easier to heat or cool down their interior.

Silver (Galvanized Only)
Silver (Galvanized Only)

Double sided hot-dip galvanization covers framework with the zinc coating that protect framework of your structure against the corrosion.

White (Galvanized + Powder Coated)
White (Galvanized + Powder Coated)

In addition to the hot-dip framework galvanization, white powder coating further improves the visual appearance of your glamping dome.

No Insulation / No Headliner
No Insulation / No Headliner

Effective protection against strong winds and sudden showers. Good for warm and moderate climate in the summer season.

Alum-Air Insulation + Headliner
Alum-Air Insulation + Headliner

Advanced fibre-free, non-allergenic insulation system with tailored canvas headliner for improved appearance.

Chimney + Wood Burning Stove Kit
Chimney + Wood Burning Stove Kit

Steel chimney kit + 8kW (nominal) modern steel/iron wood burning stove with ceramic combustion chamber and steel base-plate.

Chimney Kit Only
Chimney Kit Only

Ø150mm insulated chimney with the membrane mounting collar and all weather cap. Does not include connection between stove and bottom part of the collar.

No Stove / No Chimney
No Stove / No Chimney

Please keep in mind, that only the F.Domes Glamping Chimney Kit provides secure membrane fitment and does not void its warranty.

Passive Air Circulation Only
Passive Air Circulation Only

Passive ventilation that comes in standard with every dome aids its air circulation. For better air evacuation in difficult conditions choose our Assisted Air Circulation Kit.

Assisted Air Circulation Kit (Solar Powered)
Assisted Air Circulation Kit (Solar Powered)

To assist passive ventilation system that comes with every dome, solar powered fan system further reduces heat build-up and moisture condensation.

No Curtains
No Curtains

Enjoy the view from panoramic bay window of your glamping dome. Choose our Curtain Kit to add privacy and aid insulation of your structure.

Curtain Kit
Curtain Kit

Tailored opaque Curtain Kit adds privacy to your structure, simultaneously insulating front bay window of your glamping dome.

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 Frequently asked questions

F.Domes.Classic is versatile line of structures designed for users that look for a clean canvas to turn their vision into a reality.

  1. White membrane and large transparent section encourages passersby to enter your structure, making perfect pop-up shop, café or chill-out lounge.
  2. Fully transparent membrane option is suitable for geodesic dome greenhouses and shaded locations, creating a bright ambience in the structure throughout the entire day.
  3. With completely white membrane option you can take total control of the interior. Create unique atmosphere for relaxation in total privacy.

F.Domes.Glamping are for users that look for an outdoor living space designed specifically for this purpose.

  1. Panoramic bay window provides beautiful view of the surroundings, while smaller vertical surface compared to the F.Domes.Classic ensures lower heat loss and reduces greenhouse effect.
  2. 3/4 back entrance does not obscure view from the bay window and allows its insulation.
  3. Alum-Air insulation provides thermal comfort even in the most extreme conditions, while high quality headliner adds visual valour to the interior.
  4. With the chimney kit you can add your own wood-burning stove. You can also select an option that includes chimney and a high-quality stove, chosen to match design of our structures.
  5. Solar powered assisted air circulation aids natural ventilation system built into every dome, allowing greater control over climate in your structure.
  6. Curtains matching dimensions of the bay window allow privacy, additionally insulating your structure.
  7. With the removable porthole windows you can enjoy additional light or add accessories to your structure, without the necessity to customise the membrane by yourself.

F.Dome.20 Geodesic Dome Kit is designed specifically with self-assembly in mind. By following steps described in the assembly manual, provided together with the structure, you can build the dome with help of your friends, family or co-workers.
 Each Geodesic Dome kit that we provide includes all parts and hand tools that you are going to need during the process of assembly. You only need to organise the following elements:

  1. One A-shaped ladder, 3 meters tall.
  2. At least two people to help (we recommend three persons to pull the membrane over the dome).
  3. Positive attitude and a few hours of spare time

Geodesic dome assembly can be really fun and socialising event if you invite your friends, family and/or co-workers. It requires teamwork from everyone involved and gives wonderful feeling of accomplishment once the dome is finished. Once we start processing your order, you will also get access to F.Domes Know-How section of the website that contains all Dome Kit documentation, incl. User Guide, Assembly Manual, Index of Components and Video Tutorial on how to carry out assembly. You can get prepared for the assembly, even before your dome arrives at your location!

Yes, we offer optional Assembly Training and Supervision service. Add it to your cart and once we receive your order, will contact you to discuss suitable date for the training and assembly to happen. Our training & assembly service includes:

  1. One full day (up to 8 hours) of dome assembly training and supervision at your location
  2. Travel and accommodation costs of F.Domes experienced assembly expert

Please note: this service is available at one standard flat rate of 750,00 EUR for all European Union countries. We currently do not offer this service outside the EU.

FDomes self-assembly geodesic dome kits come with one of the three different types of membranes:

  1. Completely White
  2. White with Transparent Front
  3. Completely Transparent

You can also choose whether you want to have steel framework galvanised or galvanised and powder-coated white for even more finished look. For many more customisation options and wide range of accessories please check our parent company: Freedomes – World in a Sphere. In opposite to F/Domes self-assembly kits, our Freedomes structures are designated mainly for professionals who expect high level of customisation and versatility from our domes. Freedomes products come in sizes ranging from 6m to 36m of diameter and can host up to 1.500 people, offering much wider choice of dome sizes, finishing options, membranes and framework types and vast amount of accessories, such as: custom made membranes, multiple door openings, floor systems, walkway tunnels, branding, air-conditioning and heating systems, insulation, mezzanines, glass-covered domes and many more. Get in touch with Freedomes experts to receive a quote on fully customisable dome solutions.

F.Dome.20 Geodesic Dome Kit comes as one concise package. It is transported on a standard size palette and contained in cardboard box wrapped with white stretch foil that secures your dome kit during shipment. F.Dome kits are delivered by professional shipping company that we co-operate with. Delivery trucks are equipped with a tail lift and manual palette trolley. Your dome kit will be unloaded and if needed, carted to a desired place. We recommend that you unload the package at the exact location of where you plan to carry out the dome assembly.

We receive your order and process it straight away. If you chose to pay with your Credit Card or PayPal, we will start preparing your dome kit straight away and it will be ready for shipping within two – three business days. If you chose to pay via bank transfer, we will wait until your payment is received on our bank account (please remember to state order number in payment description) and then we start preparing your dome kit for shipment. Before you receive your dome kit, you will receive four e-mail status updates:

  1. First – when we receive your order
  2. Second – once we start processing your dome kit and preparing it for shipment
  3. Third – when your order is ready for shipment. This e-mail will contain information on when exactly (day and time) your dome kit is set to arrive to you. It is important that you are present at the time of delivery. If proposed schedule does not suit you – you can let us know and we will arrange different delivery date. Learn more about Shipping and Delivery
  4. Fourth – once your dome kit is already shipped.

If you have a registered user account or if during Checkout you choose to create an account or login / register with Facebook profile, you will be also able to check your order status by going to “My Account” page.

We stand behind our products with the 30-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return them within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or refund of the product price and applicable tax. No questions asked and no extra fees will be applied, however you will be charged initial and return shipping costs. Learn more about return policy in our Terms & Conditions.

Domes available in 4 unique colors. Select yours in the checkout form.

We have preconfigured your dome with recommended accessories. You can easily change selected options below:

360 kg


120 x 80 x 140 cm


5.1 m

Base Area

20 square meters


40 m3


3.35 m

Cover Type

White cover with transparent bay window

Framework Colour

Silver (Galvanized Only), White (Galvanized + Powder Coated)*


Alum-Air insulation with canvas headliner

Wood Burning Stove*

8kW steel/iron wood burning stove with ceramic combustion chamber


Variable length stainless steel chimney with membrane collar

Passive Air Circulation

3x triangular Air Vents on top of the membrane

Assisted Air Circulation*

Solar powered fan system with framework assembly kit

Membrane Slots

3x Ø50cm Membrane Slots with 3x Porthole Windows (Chimney Kit and Assisted Air Circulation System delete 1x Porthole Window each)


Pre-cut opaque canvas curtains with Velcro fasteners and cable mounting system

Number Of Entrances

One 3/4 back entrance


1x White Membrane zip-door

Assembly Time

3 – 4 hours (does not include optional accessories)

Dismantle Time

2 – 3 hours (does not include optional accessories)

Recommended Crew Size

2 – 3 persons (does not include optional accessories)


* optional accessories