Product: F.Dome Classic 20
Dome Purpose: Greenhouse

Rachel Owens

I use the dome as a greenhouse and can finally say I’m living the life I always wanted. I know exactly where my food comes from as it grows in my very back garden! It’s such a comfort knowing my kids eat from a healthy source. This summer was all about strawberries. As my friends would occassionally pop in to have a bite too, I started to think a gazebo was perhaps the next thing to consider…

Rachel Owens Mother

Product: F.Dome Glamping 30
Dome Purpose: Glamping pod

Henry Allen

We thought nothing could beat the yurts, but our statistics proved us wrong. Apparently, with domes we have more bookings than with any other structure. Transparent front canvas section provides the opportunity to admire fabulous views across the bay. We even equipped them with wood burning stoves and small kitchens. Just for the record guys: we will be adding more units next season.

Henry Allen Glamping Site Owner

Product: F.Dome Classic 20
Dome Purpose: Wine pop-up shop

Isabel Bejar

I purchased the smallest dome kit that me and my husband use during the summer for our pop-up wine & food shop in Alicante. We are really pleased with the quality and durability of the dome and we can transport it easily with our small van. I would definitely recommend an F.Dome kit to anyone looking for a basic, yet attractive looking and rigid shelter.

Isabel Bejar Winemaker

Product: F.Dome Classic 50
Dome Purpose: Outdoor classroom

Susan Haley

I am a headmaster in elementary school in Colorado. Part of the grants awarded to the school this year allowed me to create outdoor classes inside a dome — one of my latest ideas. The project turned out to be fun and engaging, both among parents who took part in building the dome, as well as kids who found it exciting to be learning science from garden labs inside it. Brilliant.

Susan Haley Elementary School Headmaster

Product: F.Dome Classic 50
Dome Purpose: Garden Studio / Office Pod

John Gilbert

I absolutely love the dome, all my friends want one and now my commute to work is just out the door and down the garden path.

John Gilbert Interior Designer

Product: F.Dome Classic 75
Dome Purpose: Relaxing Area 

Harry Caulfield

We wanted to assemble a couple of semi-permanent buildings to create more hotel rooms for our guests, and so we went for the domes with optional features. The process was painless and reasonably priced. Hotel guests are quite impressed at how luxurious these units are. I highly recommend dome kits for anyone who wishes to diversify their hotel offering the easy way.

Harry Caulfield Hotel Manager

Product: F.Dome Glamping 50
Dome Purpose: Glamping pod 

Emma Hogan

We’d like to pass on a huge thank you to the fantastic team at F.domes who helped us create our magic glamping pods at Crosshaven. We used 50 sqm dome kits to create cute and comfortable bedrooms and our guests just love them! Transparent front canvas section provides the opportunity to admire fabulous views across the bay. We even equipped them with wood burning stove and small kitchen and will be adding more F.domes next season.

Emma Hogan Owner at Crosshaven Cottages