Puszczyk Dome Kindergarten set in the forest in northeastern Poland_F.Domes
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WOW: Kids Love This Dome Kindergarten!

Forget regular classes, studies show kiddos learn best in the outdoors! Therefore, forest kindergartens are becoming a real thing. Parents and teachers who are not so sure about this idea, should definitely see Puszczyk — a cute dome kindergarten in North-Eastern Poland. Teachers have assembled this funky outdoor classroom on their own, in the forest – inside our F.Dome […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Glamping Geodesic Dome

Wondering if Glamping Geodesic Dome is for you? Curious about its sizes, optional accessories and applications? Completely lost when it comes to assembly? Read on! 1.What is a glamping geodesic dome? Glamping domes or F.Domes.Glamping are a new line of self-assembly products that revolutionise hospitality industry. These elegant dome solutions are perfect for all glamping purposes […]

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Increase Your Hotel Profits with One Geodesic Dome Kit

It doesn’t really matter how long you are on the market or what actual accomodation business you run. Whether you want to maximize your hotel profits or just earn extra money. Every hotel, motel, inn or B&B can boost their revenue opportunities by following 2 simple rules: recognizing the powerful trends and investing in a superb customer experience. […]