Own a Campsite? See Why You Should Invest in Glamping Today!

There are thousands of campsites all over the world, some 1700 in UK alone. Their owners found an easy way to diversify income source. How so? By adding mod cons and luxury tents to their table! If you are one of the thousands campsite owners looking for ways to make your site a golden goose, glamping is the best way to do so!

These days, people still love to camp, but want more from their campsite or caravan park. Hence, many site owners are now renting out luxury tents with king size beds, carpets and log-burners. Some offer quirky yurts, pods or tipis, while others go for the posh domes and safari tents. Follow in their footsteps to triple your revenue and power up your business!

Why is it a good option for me?

You already got the site, the stunning location and the experience on how to run this sort of business. What you need now is to find a bridge between offering camping accommodation and their upscale version — lush tents for campers who need more pampering.

There is an entire sector of visitors who wouldn’t normally decide to rough it under canvas.

Unless these were luxury canvas where they would not have to rough it.

Use this for the benefit of your site.

Create luxury options for your guests drawing the whole sector to your place!

Good news is, you can do it fast and it’s not too much of a hassle. Plus, it can triple or even quadruple your revenue!

What’s in it for me?

1. This could be your ’cutting edge’ move. In this industry, competition never sleeps. To stand out from the crowd of multiple other campsites and satisfy the glampers (who love being spoilt), you need to provide something different. Unique and unmissable. Something that will stop your campers in their tracks. Warm, luxury apartments resting on wooden platforms is what you are aiming at.

2. Higher occupancy rate. Forget your regular tent (at least for a while)! Luxury tent will land you year-round profit and more bookable nights per year. How much more? Up to 70% higher occupancy rate! Glamorous tents are usually insulated and equipped with stoves which makes them super warm and suitable for all climates. Look for a weatherproof solution that will work well in both the winter and the summer, at the seaside and in the jungle, wherever you are.

3. New revenue stream. Even more so, if your campsite is located in a weather-sensitive region or some parts of your land are not so suitable for standard camping options, e.g. are wetlands, are exposed to strong winds or rainfalls. Best glamping options on the market are now very durable and generally weatherproof, so there is no need to worry they might not come up trumps.

4. Even 4x higher revenue per night. If we are to believe Glamping Hub figures, then luxury tents are one cracking investment. Prices per night spent under deluxe canvas range from £40 to even £1,400.00… Now imagine, you are offering tents in a higher number and rent them out for a longer period (like, every season). You get the picture. Compared to traditional tents, you get four times higher income per pitch and per booking!

5. Swift ROI. A fully-featured glamping tent can usually pay for itself after 6 months of being in business.

6. Low Risk. Because you’re only investing in different camping options.

7. Higher perceived value of your site in the minds of customers. Without breaking the bank either. Adding just a few luxury tents boosts your offering greatly, and it’s not just glamping that you are expanding into. Potentially, you are opening doors to many outdoor opportunities. Just think of it, open air weddings, ceremonies, parties, festivals, stalls, social spaces, lifestyle blocks and so much more… The list goes on.

8. Happy clientele. Your guests will be overjoyed to recommend a place where they can’t get any closer to nature and sleep better than in their own bed.

9. Deluxe setting everyone will adore. Recharging your batteries in a secluded outdoor apartment with fireplace of comforting heat and a window overlooking beautiful vistas… what more could your guests ask for?

10. Greater satisfaction. There is nothing better than seeing your visitors in good mood, your tents in good shape and your business running smoothly!

Living the Dream

Before Amie and Dan Olford discovered glamping, they had been running a caravan & camping site in Cornwall. Their East Crinnis Holiday Park was quiet, friendly and family-oriented. One day, they decided to expand their site and introduced yurts and luxury heated domes to offer something new and interesting.

”Glamping seemed a much better reflection of our personalities within the camping and caravanning industry and we wanted to give our customers more of a choice of accommodation when staying with us.”

Now, two years later, the couple is experiencing a true bonanza, cashing in on what others thought was merely a trend.

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